Tomlab Games
Based in Valenciennes, France

Release date:
January 5, 2017

Steam, Humble Store (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Regular Price:
$6.99, £4.99, €6.99

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Pictopix is a puzzle game where you use logic to color squares on grids in order to reveal pictures. Easy to learn and very addictive, the game starts with small grids and ends with much bigger grids. With over 300 puzzles, 4 game modes and a puzzle editor, Pictopix will bring you hours of fun!

The game is similar to picross, nonograms, hanjie and griddlers.

Main Features

  • Play over 300 beautiful colored puzzles (+1000 from players)
  • Play 4 game modes: Classic, Mosaics, Endless and Challenges
  • Learn the rules with a fun tutorial
  • Earn awards and achievements for more challenges
  • Create your own puzzles
  • And share them with others players! (via Steam Workshop)
  • Relaxing music (Jazz, Bossa Nova)
  • Discover hidden secrets!

Other Features

  • Logically solvable puzzles (no guessing required)
  • Useful hints to help beginners
  • Playable with mouse, keyboard or game controller
  • Multiple save slots
  • Puzzles can be suspended and resumed at any time
  • Zoom button for big grids
  • Undo and Redo buttons to fix your mistakes
  • Squares can be temporarily marked
  • Smart Slide (helps you to draw straight lines)
  • Touch Screen support
  • 13 languages (translated by the community)
  • Twitch Integration: Streamers, play with your viewers!

Review Codes

You can request a review code by sending an e-mail here.


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download all gifs as .zip (10MB)

download logo files as .zip (45MB)


  • "If like me you’ve been craving a good implementation of the puzzle for PC, then you've found it in Pictopix. If you’re looking for a fun, brain-using puzzle presented splendidly, then now is the time to discover why Picross/Nonograms are quite so great."
    Recommended - John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Pictopix just doubled in size, and remains the best picross game on PC"
    Recommended - John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "Pictopix is an excellent version of Picross which respects the rules of this type of game."
    8/10 - Eskarina, Kiss my Geek
  • "Pictopix is a quiet and relaxing nonogram puzzler with plenty of challenging puzzles and the right amount of helpful hints for beginners."
    8/10 - Courtney Ehrenhofler, TechRaptor
  • "Pictopix is a delightful game that anyone with any interested in picross should buy."
    Matthew Codd, Shinding
  • "Pictopix (...) is a polished, cleanly designed, and logically balanced puzzle experience bolstered by tens of hours worth of nonograms to solve as well as a variety of hint options catering to players of all skill levels."
    Matt Litten, VGBlogger
  • "Kommt der Workshop noch dazu, könnte Pictopix das Nonplusultra der Picross-Spiele sein. Toll!"
    9.2/10 - Luca, Testiversum
  • "Tout se joue dans les détails, un confort de jeu optimal et une manière de rendre fluide et naturelle la résolution de chaque grille. Mais aussi un contenu incroyable dont un Workshop qui permet de partager ses créations. De quoi jouer à Pictopix jusqu'à sa mort."
    Christophe Butelet, JV - Le magazine de la culture jeux vidéo
  • "I would most definitely recommend Tomlab Game's Pictopix to anyone who's looking for a good brain-exercise style game, because you get a lot of puzzle entertainment and action for your money. Furthermore, the game's fans keep Pictopix alive and kicking as the community keeps on adding new puzzles to the game over time."
    4.5/5 - Simon Bunyard, The Gaming Ground
  • "In conclusion, Pictopix delivers a solid and incredibly relaxing experience for all ages. With only 150 puzzles it’s a little light on content, but the developers say there’s more in the pipeline. Once players can publish their own creations, the longevity of the game will be increased massively and I think it’s something I’ll be revisiting for months to come. So put your feet up, make a cup of tea and unwind with a bit of picross."
    7.7/10 - Melanie Blagg, The Inner Circle
  • "Pictopix fait tout comme il faut : interface propre et claire, puzzles nombreux et sur de grandes grilles."
    7/10 - Netsabes, Canard PC
  • "Tomlab Games is off to a great start in introducing a classic from Japan to the Sudoku lovers past its borders. Pictopix is a fun and relaxing game that anyone can play. It lets you relax while working your brain in an entertaining way. If you're the creative type but can’t draw to save your life, if you have $6 to spare, then consider buying this game. Chances are, you won't regret it."
    7/10 - Jessica Andrews, OpNoobs
  • "This game is a benchmark in both design and execution. It is damn near peerless puzzle perfection."
    Spike, Save or Quit
  • "I feel confident in my declaration that Pictopix is the definitive Nonogram puzzle game on Steam’s platform."
    Lee Hazell, VultureHound
  • "Pour conclure, Pictopix est un jeu de réflexion idéal pour les fans de picross qui veulent soutenir un projet indépendant Made In France."
    La Geek en Rose

Pictopix Credits

Design, Gfx & Code
Thomas Leroy

Various artists

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks